Here’s how to get your sidebar back in iTunes 11

30 November, 2012 - Killian Bell
iTunes 11 expanded album view

Apple finally released iTunes 11 on Thursday, and it comes with a number of improvements – the biggest of which is a fancy new look. I’m a big fan of it; I was beginning to feel the application was getting a little stale. But for those who aren’t, here’s how to get your trusty sidebar back.

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How to access hidden wallpapers in OS X Mountain Lion

10 September, 2012 - Paul Dixon
hidden OS X wallpaper

Courtesy of OS X Daily, here’s a fantastic OS X Mountain Lion tip which shows you how you can access a collection of over 40 hidden wallpapers, including some stunning high resolution aerial photographs, by following a few simple steps.

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OS X Mountain Lion trackpad tricks you may have missed

18 August, 2012 - Paul Dixon
OS X Mountain Lion trackpad tricks

Launched last month, OS X Mountain Lion includes a number of new trackpad shortcuts and gestures that make using your Mac quicker and easier than ever. In case you missed them, here’s an overview of five of our favourites.

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How to bring back the RSS button in Safari 6

27 July, 2012 - Killian Bell
Safari 6

Safari 6 is a huge improvement over its predecessor, boasting a number of new features like the Smart Search field, offline Reading List, the Password Pane, and more. But it also takes away one handy feature, and that’s the RSS button. Here’s how to get it back.

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Can’t use Mountain Lion AirPlay Mirroring on your Mac? Try this inexpensive third-party app

26 July, 2012 - Paul Dixon

Introduced with OS X Mountain Lion, AirPlay Mirroring is a fantastic new feature that allows you to send whatever is on your Mac’s screen to a HDTV via an Apple TV. Unfortunately though, as many users are discovering, it only works on late-2011 (or newer) iMacs, Mac minis, or MacBook Airs, and early-2011 (or newer) MacBook Pros.

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How to display a login window banner in OS X Lion

28 April, 2012 - Paul Dixon
login window banner

In a previous tip we explained how you can display messages at the bottom of the login screen in OS X Lion. While it’s a handy feature, the resulting messages are quite easy to miss. Thankfully though, another little-known feature allows you to display a login window banner, which users have to acknowledge before proceeding.

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An easy way to check your Mac for the Flashback trojan

10 April, 2012 - Paul Dixon
Flashback Checker

There’s a good chance you’ve heard about the Flashback trojan – malware that’s reported to have infected over 600,000 Macs. Anti-virus firm F-Secure provided Terminal commands to check systems for infection, but understandably, some users may have been wary of running them. Thankfully, there’s now a much easier way to check for the trojan.

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Here’s how to fix CUI issues with Lion after installing 10.7.3 update

2 February, 2012 - Killian Bell
Mac OS X 10.7.3 CUI errors

Despite months of beta testing and almost 10 pre-release builds, Apple’s latest update for OS X Lion has a number of issues. After installing the new 10.7.3 release, which went live in Software Update yesterday, many users are finding the buttons at the bottom of their windows are replaced by graphics that read “CUI.”

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How to quickly share links via email in Mac OS X

28 January, 2012 - Paul Dixon
OS X Mail icon

Next time you want to share a link via email, don’t bother going through the rigmarole of launching Mail, creating a new message, entering a subject, and copying & pasting the URL of the page you want to send. Use one of these quick and simple methods instead.

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