SimCity for Mac launching on the 11th of June

10 April, 2013 - Paul Dixon

EA and Maxis today officially confirmed that the Mac edition of SimCity will be available to download via Origin on the 11th June, with pre-purchasing starting tomorrow. In addition, customers who already own the PC version of the game will be able to download the Mac edition at no extra cost.

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Intel announces the next version of Thunderbolt

9 April, 2013 - Paul Dixon
Thunderbolt Cable

At this week’s NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) Show in Las Vegas, Intel introduced the next-generation version of its Thunderbolt interface. As reported by Engadget, the technology offers data speeds of 20 Gbs in both directions, making it twice as fast as the current version, and supports the transfer of 4K video.

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EVGA launches GeForce GTX 680 for Mac Pro

5 April, 2013 - Killian Bell
GeForce GTX 680 Mac Edition

The Mac Pro may have gone a long time without a significant update from Apple, but plenty of owners have taken it upon themselves to add new components to their machines. If you’re one of them and you’re on the lookout for a new graphics card, check out the new GeForce GTX 680 Mac Edition from EVGA.

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Sonnet’s new Echo 15 Thunderbolt dock adds every input you’ll ever need to your Mac

4 April, 2013 - Killian Bell
Sonnet Echo 15 Thunderbolt Dock

In an effort to keep things subtle and simplistic, Apple doesn’t go over the top when it’s adding connectivity options to its Macs. We get a few USB and Thunderbolt ports, an audio jack, and an HDMI port if we’re lucky. But Sonnet’s new Echo 15 Thunderbolt dock is the complete opposite. It aims to provide you with almost every input you’ll ever need on your Mac.

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Apple updates Final Cut Pro X ahead of new marketing push to win back professionals

28 March, 2013 - Killian Bell
Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro X received a lot of criticism when it was launched back in June 2011. Apple made some significant changes to the popular video editing tool, and cut a number of features that many users, particularly professionals, still used. The Cupertino company is now launching a new marking push to win those consumers back, alongside updates for Final Cut Pro X, Motion and Compressor.

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Google’s Pixel Chromebook forces Apple to change the way it markets Retina MacBook Pro

25 March, 2013 - Paul Dixon
Google Pixel Chromebook

With its limited capabilities and premium price tag, it seems unlikely that Google’s recently introduced Pixel Chromebook will have much of an effect on the sales of Apple’s MacBook Pro with Retina display, but it has forced the Cupertino company to alter the way it markets its high-resolution notebook.

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Sapphire launches Radeon HD 7950 for Mac Pro

19 March, 2013 - Paul Dixon
Sapphire HD 7950 Mac Edition

It may no longer be available to purchase in Europe any more, and by all accounts a new model is planned for later this year, but that hasn’t stopped Sapphire Technology launching a version of the Radeon HD 7950 graphics card for Apple’s Mac Pro.

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Apple releases OS X 10.8.3 update

14 March, 2013 - Paul Dixon

Following the release of numerous beta builds, Apple has finally made OS X 10.8.3 Mountain Lion available to the public. The update introduces a number of fixes and improvements including: the ability to redeem iTunes gift cards in the Mac App Store using your Mac’s built-in camera, Windows 8 Boot Camp support, and Boot Camp support for Macs with 3TB hard drives.

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Apple starts offering its latest iMac models with built-in VESA mount adapters

14 March, 2013 - Paul Dixon
2012 iMac VESA mounts

Apple has today started offering versions of its latest 21.5-inch and 27-inch iMac models with built-in VESA mount adapters. The addition, which adds £36 ($40) to the total price of the machines, is only available with new orders. So, unfortunately, if you already own a 2012 iMac, you can’t purchase the adapter separately.

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