Apple to report Q2 2013 earnings on April 23rd

2 April, 2013 - Paul Dixon

Apple has announced that it will be holding an earnings call to discuss the financial results of its second fiscal quarter of 2013 on Tuesday, the 23rd of April, at 2.00pm Pacific Time (10.00pm here in the UK). As per usual, the company will be providing a live audio stream of the call on its website.

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Apple issues apology to Chinese customers

1 April, 2013 - Paul Dixon
1 Infinite Loop

Over recent weeks, China’s state-run media has accused Apple of treating customers unfairly regarding its repair and warranty procedures. Initially, Apple had responded to the claims by saying that its Chinese warranty was more or less the same as in other markets around the world, but now the Cupertino company has announced that it will be making a number of changes for customers in the East Asian country.

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Apple reminds customers why the iPad is best

29 March, 2013 - Paul Dixon
Why iPad?

Following the introduction of a new iPhone advertising campaign on its website last weekend, Apple has launched a similar promotion for the iPad. The Cupertino company has added a new “Why iPad?” page featuring both the iPad and the iPad mini, which highlights just a few of the reasons why customers love the devices so much.

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Apple updates Final Cut Pro X ahead of new marketing push to win back professionals

28 March, 2013 - Killian Bell
Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro X received a lot of criticism when it was launched back in June 2011. Apple made some significant changes to the popular video editing tool, and cut a number of features that many users, particularly professionals, still used. The Cupertino company is now launching a new marking push to win those consumers back, alongside updates for Final Cut Pro X, Motion and Compressor.

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Belkin unveils the world’s thinnest and lightest iPad keyboard case

27 March, 2013 - Killian Bell
Belkin Ultimate Keyboard Case

Belkin has today unveiled its new Ultimate Keyboard Case for iPad, which turns your beloved tablet into the perfect portable notebook. Built from an aluminum alloy, it promises to be the thinnest, lightest, and smartest iPad keyboard case in the world, measuring just 6.4mm thin and weighing 17 ounces.

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Logitech launches Keyboard Folios for iPad & iPad mini

26 March, 2013 - Paul Dixon
Logitech Keyboard Folio cases

Logitech has today announced the launch of two new keyboard cases for the iPad and iPad mini – the Keyboard Folio and the Keyboard Folio mini. Created from refined fabrics, and featuring built-in Bluetooth keyboards, Logitech says the cases deliver a comfortable typing experience and protect your iPad while on the go.

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Google+ for iOS updated with a number of new features

25 March, 2013 - Paul Dixon
Google+ iPhone app

If like me, you’re a frequent Google+ user, you will be pleased to hear that Google has updated its iOS app with a number of new features and enhancements. The most notable new feature sees the introduction of image editing capabilities, which include the ability to crop, rotate, and apply filters to your photos before you post them.

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Google’s Pixel Chromebook forces Apple to change the way it markets Retina MacBook Pro

25 March, 2013 - Paul Dixon
Google Pixel Chromebook

With its limited capabilities and premium price tag, it seems unlikely that Google’s recently introduced Pixel Chromebook will have much of an effect on the sales of Apple’s MacBook Pro with Retina display, but it has forced the Cupertino company to alter the way it markets its high-resolution notebook.

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Major security hole allows Apple passwords to be reset

22 March, 2013 - Paul Dixon

According to The Verge, a major security hole in Apple’s ID login system allows anybody with your email address and date of birth to reset your password and gain access to your account. Apparently the exploit, which has been posted online, involves pasting a modified URL into the iForgot page of Apple’s website.

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