Apple cuts price of 768GB iMac Flash Storage, introduces updated iMac for educational institutions

6 March, 2013 - Paul Dixon
2012 iMac

As noted by The Mac Observer, Apple has slashed the price of its 768GB Flash Storage option for the company’s latest 27-inch iMac. Previously, the build-to-order component added an extra £1,040 ($1,300) to the total price of the machine, but now it’s available for £720 ($900).

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iMac shipping estimates improve significantly

4 March, 2013 - Paul Dixon
new iMacs

Since they first went on sale back in October, Apple’s latest iMacs have been in short supply – leaving some customers with a wait of up to six weeks before they received their orders. But finally, the situation appears to be improving. Apple has slashed shipping estimates for the machines on a number of its online stores.

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Apple’s latest Retina MacBook Pros are only 3-5% faster than the previous generations

22 February, 2013 - Killian Bell
13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display

If you picked up a Retina MacBook Pro as soon as they went on sale, you may have been a little disappointed when Apple announced a few improvements to them last week. But don’t feel too downhearted; according to the latest benchmarks, the new models are only 3-5% faster than their predecessors.

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Will Apple’s next Mac Pro look like any of these concepts?

20 February, 2013 - Paul Dixon
Mac Pro concept designs

During the latest episode of the excellent International Mac Podcast, the panel discussed what Apple’s rumoured next Mac Pro could look like, and invited listeners to submit their own ideas. Admittedly, I’ve taken their request a little too seriously – but once I’d started, I couldn’t stop. And these are the results, seven Mac Pro concepts based (literally) on one of Apple’s other machines – the Mac mini.

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Apple releases Java update for OS X after hacking attack

19 February, 2013 - Paul Dixon
Software Update

Following the earlier news that a small number of its employees had their computers hacked through a Java plug-in vulnerability, Apple has released a new version of Java for OS X Mountain Lion, Lion and Snow Leopard which promises improved security by updating Java SE 6 to 1.6.0_41.

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Apple employees’ machines attacked by Chinese hackers

19 February, 2013 - Paul Dixon
1 Infinite Loop

AllThingsD reports that a small number of computers owned by Apple employees were hacked through a vulnerability in the Java browser plug-in. The attack, which was first highlighted by Reuters, was apparently carried out by the same group of China-based hackers that recently targeted the machines of Facebook employees.

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Retina MacBook Air expected to launch this year

19 February, 2013 - Killian Bell
OS X Mountain Lion

Once you’ve used an Apple device with a Retina display, it’s hard to go back. As much as I love my iPad mini, its display is nowhere near as pleasing to look at as my iPhone’s. Apple clearly recognizes this, and it’s been working to bring Retina displays to as many of its devices as it can. A new rumor claims that the Cupertino company will launch its first Retina MacBook Air later this year.

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Mac Pro unavailable on Apple’s European online stores

19 February, 2013 - Paul Dixon
Mac Pro

Last month, Apple revealed that it was to stop selling the Mac Pro in Europe due to new regulatory rules coming into effect on the 1st of March, and that resellers had until the 18th of February to place orders for the machine. At the time it was thought that the order deadline only applied to resellers, but as of today the Mac Pro is listed as unavailable on Apple’s European online stores.

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NewerTech unveils miniStack MAX, an external hard drive, Blu-ray Burner, SD Card reader & more

15 February, 2013 - Killian Bell

NewerTech’s miniStack MAX went on sale through Other World Computing this week, and it’s a must-have for any Mac user. Not only does it boast a hard drive, but it also has a Blu-ray/CD/DVD reader and burner, an SD card reader, and a USB hub. It’s the all-in-one solution for your media needs.

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