Appule expo for creative professionals postponed due to lack of exhibitor commitment

16 August, 2012 - Killian Bell
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Remember the Appule expo we told you about back in May, which was scheduled to take place in London this October? Organizers Indigo Media & Event and MacTechnology have been forced to cancel the event due to a lack of commitment from key exhibitors. They maintain, however, that it will return next spring.

The event was set to be London’s first Apple expo since 2008, and Ronald Wayne, the man who co-founded Apple alongside Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, was booked as a speaker. Macworld UK reports, however, that a statement was released today to announce that the event would be postponed.

It read:

“It is with great regret that we must announce that Appule 1, due to take place at The Barbican in October, has been postponed until a future date to be announced, likely to be in Spring 2013.”

“This decision has been forced upon us, as despite having plenty of smaller companies booking space at the show, many of the key major exhibitors we have been talking to over the past year have still not committed to the event at this late stage, and their absence would have made the show rather less than worthwhile for our many thousands of visitors.”

“Despite the extraordinary level of visitor enquiries, with almost 6,000 applications for tickets, we simply could not get some of the major key vendors and resellers to make their final decision to take part.”

“We are looking at how we can best re-shape this event for next year, certainly in closer partnership with these major vendors and resellers to ensure that this event is a complete success and meets all of our exhibitors’ and visitors’ objectives.”

One of those key exhibitors was expected to be Microsoft, according to the announcement made back in May, which was set to promote Office for Mac. Appule was advertised as “strictly for professional Apple Computer users,” with a focus on “design, print, publishing, audio, video, photo, [and] web.”

It hasn’t exactly been smooth sailing for the Appule expo. The event has already experienced the wrath of Apple’s legal team, who wrote to Indigo Media forcing it to change its original name from AppleExpo. Indigo conceded, however, that it “made sense” to change the name so that it didn’t confuse people.

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