MobileMe migrators to get 25GB of iCloud storage at no extra cost

7 August, 2011 - Paul Dixon

Last week, Apple revealed how much they would be charging users who wanted to upgrade their iCloud storage from the default free 5GB per year. Now it appears that MobileMe account holders who migrate to iCloud, will be automatically signed up to the 20GB year plan, at no extra charge – matching what they had on MobileMe.

Apple have already confirmed that iCloud will be launching in the autumn – users who migrate from MobileMe will have access to the additional 20GB on top of the base 5GB (so a total of 25GB), for free until the 30th of June 2012, which is the same day that MobileMe will be discontinued. Unless users downgrade to the default free 5GB plan before that date, they will be automatically charged £28.00 ($40.00) for another year on the 20GB plan.

While iCloud has been designed to replace many of the core functions of MobileMe, it doesn’t include services such as iWeb, Gallery & iDisk – if you rely on any of those it’s time to start looking for alternatives. On the plus side, features such as documents in the cloud, automatic downloads for apps, and backup & restore capabilities should ensure iCloud is a must-have for all OS X Lion and iOS 5 users.

If you currently have a MobileMe account, will you be migrating to iCloud as soon as it’s available, or will you be sticking with MobileMe right up to the day it gets turned off?

[Via Mac Rumors]

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