Apple to announce updated full-sized iPad?

20 October, 2012 - Paul Dixon
full-sized iPad

Earlier this week, 9to5Mac published a list of 24 SKUs for what are claimed to be the new iPad models that Apple are expected to announce at next Tuesday’s media event. At the time the site speculated that the list included different configurations of the iPad mini, and possibly an updated version of the full-sized iPad.

In a follow up post, 9to5Mac now reports that half of the SKUs do indeed relate to a refreshed version of the third-generation iPad, and outlines the likely changes.

Rather than unveiling a completely revamped 9.7-inch model, the site expects Apple to announce fairly minor updates. These could include the addition of the company’s new Lightning connector introduced last month with the iPhone 5, and support for 4G in the UK and other countries.

While Apple could also announce changes to the device’s battery, processor, and other internal components, these seem less likely given that the third-generation iPad was only announced back in March this year.

Pricing for the updated iPad is expected to remain exactly the same as the currently available third-generation model.

In addition to new iPads, a 13-inch MacBook Pro with a Retina display, and updated Mac mini and iMac models could also be announced at Tuesday’s media event.

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