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iPod touch 4th generation buyers guide

If you’ve ever wanted an iPhone, but not the contract that comes with it, the iPod Touch could be right up your alley! With a starting price of £169, the iPod touch is a very reasonable priced device and a good step into the iOS universe. All these factors have made the iPod Touch very popular with children and teenagers, as well as anyone who doesn’t want a contract to pay.

The iPod Touch is a slim device with similar aesthetics to the iPhone, but with a chromed and shiny back and a front in either black or white. You still have access to all the apps in the App Store, all 500,000 of them. Choose between 8GB, 32GB and 64GB of storage so you have plenty of room for all of them.

There are also several great apps for communication already built in, including iMessage for sending text messages, and Facetime for video calling.

Just like on the iPhone, you get a great web surfing experience and can blast through your e-mail effortlessly on an iPod Touch.

Record a 720p HD video or have a video chat with your friends, the iPod Touch has no problems with either. The crisp and clear high resolution display lets you enjoy both video content and state of the art games, which you can find a lot of on the App Store. With plenty of power inside, the iPod Touch is a capable games machine, if you want it to be.

While the iPod Touch does a fairly good job at video recording, it is far from good at photography. The camera on the backside is really bad at still photography and has a horribly low resolution. There is also no LED flash to help you take photos in dark conditions. The front side camera should not be thought of as a camera to take still photos at all, only for video calling.

Alternatives to the iPod touch fourth generation include the iPod classic, the iPod nano, and the brand new fifth generation iPod touch.

Used 4th-generation iPod touch prices

Depending on the capacity and condition, you can expect to pay between £100 – £150 for a used 4th generation iPod touch.