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Mac Pro buyers guide

If you want some serious expandability and the most power you can get, you only really have one choice from Apple; the Mac Pro!

Make no mistake; the Mac Pro is very much not intended for the average consumer and the hint given by its “Pro” name is quite true. This is really built for serious use in a professional environment, be it audio, video or 3D design. For most people the Mac Pro has more power than necessary. The price tag, starting at £2041, also gives a good indication that this is intended for a different market.

You will have the Mac Pro for a good number of years longer than any other Mac, simply because you can expand it with more hard drives and RAM than any other currently available machine. It’s really easy to open and work with the insides, and you can swap out almost all the components, even the graphics card. One great feature of the Mac Pro is the large amount of ports, although there is still no Thunderbolt port yet – despite it being a feature of every other Mac.

The Mac Pro is quite an expensive piece of kit and most likely beyond the price range a lot of people have in mind. Compared to the iMac you only get the actual computer itself and no screen, which adds further to the cost. The Mac Pro line is also not updated as often as the rest of the Macs, and the basic design has been the same since 2003!

If you aren’t worried about expandability, the 27-inch iMac might be better value for your money and the performance shouldn’t be significantly inferior. Or, if portability is desirable there’s also the MacBook Pro line.

Used Mac Pro prices

Depending on the age and condition, you can expect to pay between £600 – £1500 for a used Mac Pro.

Buying a Second hand Mac Pro on eBay

Before you bid, follow these guidelines to increase your chances of finding a great used Mac Pro at a great price:

  • Set yourself a budget and stick to it – don’t get into bidding wars
  • Always check the seller’s feedback
  • Make sure the specification of the Mac Pro meets your requirements
  • Read the item description with care – note the condition
  • Contact the seller if anything is unclear about the listing
  • Check the available payment options
  • Factor in delivery charges – the Mac Pro is a heavy machine!