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MacBook Pro buyers guide

Starting at £999, the MacBook Pro is a little more expensive than Apple’s other laptop – the MacBook Air, but it does offer some very good options for those who need more of everything. Machined from a single block of aluminum in what Apple calls a unibody design, they are light in weight, yet sturdy and built to last.

Featuring a myriad of different ports and technologies, there are few things the MacBook Pro can’t deal with. From Gigabit ethernet and Firewire 800, to Thunderbolt and USB 3.0, you have them all.

There’s no shortage of computational capacity in either the CPU or GPU, and the MacBook Pro, regardless of model, should handle even demanding tasks with ease. If you need more RAM, that’s not a problem since it’s a user upgradeable part. There’s also plenty of storage on offer, with even the 13-inch model sporting a 500GB hard drive.

A SuperDrive is standard across all the different sizes, so burning or playing a CD or DVD is an option straight out of the box. Apple states that the battery life of all the machines will be 7 hours, but as always this will differ somewhat depending on what you actually do.

One of the negatives of the MacBook Pro is that it’s slightly less portable compared to the MacBook Air, being both thicker and heavier. Also unlike the MacBook Air, you get HDD based storage as standard, which results in greater capacity but slower speeds. A faster SSD is available as a configurable option on the online Apple Store, but it will add significantly to the price of the machine.

If you need even more portability then you might want to consider the MacBook Air instead. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a Mac that you don’t need to travel with, then an iMac might offer more bang for your buck. For the best of both worlds, hook the MacBook Pro up to Apple’s 27-inch Cinema Display.

Used MacBook Pro prices

Depending on the age and condition, you can expect to pay between £600 – £1500 for a used MacBook Pro.

Buying a used MacBook Pro on eBay

Before you start bidding, follow these tips to increase your chances of finding a great used MacBook Pro at a great price:

  • Don’t get into a bidding war – set a budget and stick to it
  • Always look at the seller’s feedback score
  • Read the item description with care – note the condition
  • Make sure the specification of the MacBook Pro meets your needs
  • Contact the seller if anything is unclear about the auction
  • Check the available payment and delivery options