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iPad 2 buyers guide

While the iPad 2 is the iPad of 2011, that doesn’t mean it is in any way a bad choice. You get a device with a great display, excellent portability and abilities to do some incredible things in a marvelously thin package. Available in both white and black, it’s a very well designed machine.

Priced at £329, the iPad 2 has a lot to offer still. Packed to the brim with enough computational prowess for most tasks and a great deal of connectivity to boot. If you need to always have access to the vast Internet, the iPad 2 with 3G connectivity has you covered. Surf the web, check your e-mail and get new apps on the App Store, regardless of where you are at the moment.

The camera on the back allows you to capture 720p HD video and the camera on the front lets you video conference wherever you might be. While the cameras are there, they do not produce great quality still images or videos, sadly. Regardless of what you do with the iPad 2, you won’t run out of power too soon, since the battery is good for 9 to 10 hours depending on if you are using a 3G connection or standard WiFi.

While the iPad 2 is fine for a lot of things, the new iPad offers a vastly superior screen, and the iPad 2 now only comes with an internal storage of 16GB. There is also no 4G option for the iPad 2, only 3G.

If you are looking for larger storage capacity than 16GB, you will have to hit the used market, like eBay. These might offer you a great value for your money, as long as you don’t mind having a used device.

Alternatively, you might want to consider the iPad mini, or the fourth-generation iPad.

Buying a used iPad 2 on eBay

Before you bid, follow these tips to improve your chances of finding a great used iPad 2 at a great price:

  • Set yourself a budget and stick to it
  • Check the seller’s feedback rating
  • Read the item description carefully
  • Consider what capacity iPad 2 you need
  • Contact the seller if anything is unclear about the item
  • Note the available payment and delivery options