Twelve South’s PlugBug World charger goes global

25 January, 2013 - Killian Bell
Twelve South PlugBug World

Twelve South, the creators of some awesome accessories for Mac and iOS devices, has announced a new model of its popular charging device that’s designed for international markets. Called the PlugBug World, it comes with five interchangeable adapters for Europe, Australia, New Zealand, North America, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Japan, and more.

The PlugBug World is designed to work with your MacBook’s charging adapter, replacing its detachable plug or extended power cord. Once fitted, you can use the charger in the same way you always have to charge your MacBook, but it now has a built-in 2.1 Amp USB port for charging your iOS devices, too.

The original PlugBug consisted of just one part, but the PlugBug World consists of two, allowing you to change the plug on its head to match the power outlets where you live. This also means that if you choose to, you can also use PlugBug with the extended power cord that comes with your Apple charger.

Not only does PlugBug World open the device up to new markets (it was previously only available in the U.S.), but it also makes it ideal for those who frequently travel to countries with different power outlets. Rather than worrying about adapters for your Mac and iOS devices, the PlugBug World will keep you juiced up wherever you go.

PlugBug World is priced at £39.99 / $44.99 / €44.99 and is available to order now from

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