Shipping times for iPhone 4S lengthen for UK and other countries

7 October, 2011 - Paul Dixon
iPhone 4S

If you live in Australia, Canada, France, Germany or the UK, and didn’t manage to pre-order an iPhone 4S from Apple earlier today, it now seems unlikely that you will receive one on launch day.

While shipping estimates for the iPhone 4S were “by October 14th” when pre-ordering started, they have since changed to 1-2 weeks:

UK Shipping Times

Even those who did manage to get their orders in earlier today reported problems – apparently, at one point the Apple site was experiencing difficulties coping with demand for the new iPhone. By contrast, over on the US online Apple Store, shipping times continue to be “Delivers on October 14th”.

So, if you are in one of the countries with the longer shipping times, and you must have an iPhone 4S on launch day (14th Oct), it seems like your best bet would be to get in line nice and early outside either your local Apple Retail Store or one of the carriers.

Update: The US online Apple Store now also shows shipping times of 1-2 weeks.

[Via MacRumors]

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