Physical iPhone 5 & iPad mini mockups surface at IFA

3 September, 2012 - Paul Dixon
iPhone 5 physical mockup

Physical mockups of what are purported to be Appleā€™s upcoming iPhone 5 and iPad mini devices have surfaced at the IFA 2012 consumer electronics trade show in Berlin. Presumably based on a combination of leaked parts and schematics, the mockups were created by case manufacturers to test out their new accessories.

Of the two mockups, which have been produced by different companies, the iPhone 5 version looks more like a finished product. The Verge shot the following video comparing its design to an iPhone 4S.

The following photos of the iPad mini mockup were taken by German site via 9to5Mac. Although the mockup is constructed entirely from metal, you can at least get a sense of the device’s possible size and thickness.

iPhone 5 physical mockup
iPhone 5 physical mockup

Apparently, while both of the case companies were happy to show off their mockups at the show, neither was willing to be named.

According to the latest reports, the next-generation iPhone is expected to be unveiled at an Apple media event on the 12th of September, which will be followed by an iPad mini announcement in October.

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