Over 250 Steve Jobs videos presented in biographical order

25 June, 2012 - Paul Dixon
Steve Jobs

Apple fan Art Matsak has created a fantastic resource for anybody with even the slightest interest in the history of the Cupertino company and its late co-founder Steve Jobs. Whilst reading Walter Issacson’s official biography of Jobs, Matsak realised that many of the events described in it were available to watch on YouTube, so he decided to create a web-based archive with the videos organised by the book’s chapters.

Featured videos – of which there are over 250 – include the launch of the original Macintosh, the making of the famous “1984” advert with Ridley Scott, and a younger-looking Jonathan Ive talking about sexy computers. On the home page of the site Matsak explains that the majority of the clips featured are documentary:

“I tried to stay away from dramatizations (although I couldn’t resist including the “Are you a virgin?” one) and second-hand interviews and narrations. In the end, I think I’ve come up with quality material that will be fun to watch even if you’ve never read the bio.”

Here’s just one of the 250+ videos archived on the site – it shows the Mac SE and Mac II being built in the company’s Fremont facility:

At the time of publishing this post, Masak’s site appears to be having a few problems – I suspect it may be struggling to cope with a sudden traffic increase. Hopefully it will be back up soon – it’s definitely a must-visit!

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