Nuance brings its text-to-speech technology to the Mac App Store

10 November, 2011 - Killian Bell
Dragon Express Mac

Nuance Communications is famous for being the engine that drives Apple’s latest intelligent assistant, Siri, and a number of other text-to-speech technologies on iOS and various other platforms. Today it makes its debut in the Mac App Store with a terrific application called Dragon Express.

The Dragon Express application introduces the same speech recognition features found in Nuance’s Dragon Dictate application to your Mac, allowing you to dictate to your Mac with “amazingly accurate results”:

“Dragon Express is an easy and fun speech recognition utility that introduces OS X Lion customers to voice recognition for the Mac. Put your words to work without the hassle of typing. Just speak and amazingly accurate results instantly appear in the Dragon Express window. You can dictate anything – even words that wouldn’t be found in any dictionary – since Dragon Express is customized to recognize your voice and the words you use.”

Once installed, the application sits in your Mac’s menu bar so that you always have easy access to its dictation features – wherever you may be on your Mac. You can also set up a ‘hotkey’ shortcut that allows you to activate the application by pressing a preset command on your keyboard.

Dragon Express will work with your Mac’s internal microphone, but Nuance recommends that you use a USB headset for the best results. The application is currently available at an introductory price of £34.99 ($49.99).

Dragon Express - Nuance Communications

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