Apple releases new iPad 2 advert – Now

18 June, 2011 - Paul Dixon
New iPad 2 advert - Now

Previously, Apple have brought us iPad 2 adverts titled ‘We Believe‘ and ‘If You Asked‘ – the latest, which was uploaded to their YouTube channel earlier today is simply titled ‘Now’.

In this third advert in the series, the voice of Peter Coyote describes how the iPad 2 allows you to experience content such as newspapers & movies in a slightly different way:

“Now we can watch a newspaper, listen to a magazine, curl up with a movie and see a phone call. Now we can take a classroom anywhere, hold an entire bookstore and touch the stars – because now there’s this.”

Unlike the previous two adverts, which feature productivity and creativity apps such as Numbers & GarageBand, this latest one has more emphasis on content consumption – we see the Wall Street Journal newspaper, SPIN magazine, The King’s Speech movie and an Open Yale course in iTunes U. Though just as with the previous two adverts, gaming on the iPad is omitted.

Watch the new iPad 2 advert

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