iPad 2 TV advert – We Believe

4 April, 2011 - Paul Dixon
iPad 2 advert

Apple posted an iPad 2 TV advert to its YouTube Channel yesterday. Titled ‘We Believe’ it opens with the statement “technology alone is not enough” and despite being only 30 seconds long manages to show an iPad 2 being used for a wide range of tasks including viewing a home video, monitoring heart rates, typing an email, looking at financial data and playing a guitar.

With a voiceover by Peter Coyote and background piano music playing, the advert has a sentimental tone. Apple is clearly playing on the user experience card – making something faster, lighter and thinner are all good things but it’s what you can do with the iPad that’s most important. It’s what Apple have excelled at, and while some may consider the advert overly-sentimental it’s not difficult to imagine many people (especially less tech-savvy types) being swayed by it.

Watch the iPad 2 TV Advert

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