OS X Mountain Lion Developer Preview 2 now available

17 March, 2012 - Paul Dixon
Mountain Lion logo

One month on from announcing OS X Mountain Lion, Apple has released the second preview version for developers. Besides a number of bug fixes, developer preview 2 includes Safari tab syncing, Twitter notifications, and contact access requests.

Safari tab syncing: A feature promised when Mountain Lion was announced – open Safari tabs can be synced via iCloud, between other Macs and iOS devices by clicking on an iCloud button located at the top of the browser.

Contact access requests: If an OS X App wants to access your contact information, an alert pops up asking for your permission to do so. This change would appear to follow the controversy that some iOS apps were accessing users’ address books without permission.

Twitter notifications: Another feature promised at Mountain Lion’s introduction – when you get a mention or a direct message, a Twitter notification appears on your desktop.

The public version of OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion will be released in late summer 2012.

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