iPad reaches 100,000 apps milestone

30 June, 2011 - Paul Dixon

When the original iPad was released back on the 3rd of April 2010, there was around 3000 native apps available for it. Exactly 453 days later, that figure has grown to over 100,000 in the US App Store, and the UK App Store isn’t too far behind at 98,874.

If you want to check the figure yourself just launch the App Store on your iPad – make sure you are on the featured screen, and then select the ‘Release Date’ tab. You can see the current total number of available apps towards the top left of the screen next to the App Store heading.

Despite the iPad reaching the 100,000 apps milestone, Apple don’t appear to be in any rush to celebrate the fact just yet – currently the iPad section of their site still says:

“Over 90,000 apps for iPad. For work, play and everything in between.”

Although the iPad has been around considerably longer than its Android competitor, it’s worth noting that, by contrast, the current number of native apps available for Android 3.0 Honeycomb (their tablet OS) is believed to be in the low hundreds.

[Via Mac Stories]

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