First iPhone 4S hands-on shows off speedy browser, Siri settings

10 October, 2011 - Killian Bell

We’re all excited about picking up (or taking delivery) of our new iPhones on Friday, but not all of us have had to wait until the official launch date to get their hands on an iPhone 4S. seemingly already have theirs, and to make us jealous, they’ve published this video that shows some of the new iPhone’s features in action. The video proves that Apple’s claims of a faster iPhone were certainly not unfounded.

Early browser benchmark tests show mobile Safari on the iPhone 4S achieving a Sunspider JavaScript score of 2,222.1ms, and a BrowerMark score of 89,567. To put that into perspective, an iPhone 4 running iOS 5, which is by no means slow, gets a BrowserMark score of just 44,856.

The iPhone 4S is certainly twice as fast as the iPhone 4, then, at least when it comes to web browsing.

The video also reveals the settings for Apple’s new Siri assistant feature. In addition to turning the feature on/off, users will be able to select their language – with a choice of English (Australian), English (United Kingdom), English (United Stated), French, and German – customize the voice feedback, and activate ‘Raise to Speak’, which automatically starts Siri when you raise your device to your ear.

I’m even more excited about my iPhone 4S now – I’m just itching to try out that Siri assistant. What do you think of this clip?

[Via MacRumors]

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