BBC launches new BBC Sport app for iPhone

8 January, 2013 - Killian Bell
BBC Sport app for iPhone

I’ve been waiting for an official BBC Sport app for as long as I can remember, and this week, the BBC finally delivered one. What’s more, it was well worth the wait. The new app combines all the content you’ll find on the BBC Sport website with the extra features and functionality that come with a native app. It’s well worth a spot on your home screen – if you’re a sports fan, of course.

The first thing you’ll notice about the app is its user interface. It’s clean and simple, much like the BBC Sport website, allowing you to enjoy the latest sports stories with without anything getting in your way. Everything you would expect is there, including coverage for football, Formula 1, cricket, Rugby Union, Rugby League, tennis, and golf.

What’s great is that you can customize the app to suit your tastes, arranging the sports “quick links” into your own order. You can also remove links to sports you’re not interested in, and add those that the BBC doesn’t include in the quick links navigation pane by default –┬ásuch as basketball and boxing.

Within each section, you’ll see the latest stories, and have quick access to things like live scores, results, fixtures, calendars, rankings, and more. And at the bottom of each story, you’ll find related news, and see the ability to share the page with friends via email, Facebook, and Twitter.

Overall, BBC Sport for iPhone is a terrific app, and I’ve been enjoying it a lot since its release. It isn’t without a few teething problems, however, as the BBC notes on its website:

You may notice that some of the links in the app such as the football team pages, stats for other sports and other sport indexes open the old BBC Sport mobile site. The next phase of the app project will update these pages and add this content fully to the app and add football teams to the quick link options.

The BBC says these updates will be released over the next “couple of months.”

As you’d expect, BBC Sport for iPhone is completely free, and you can download it now from the App Store. When you first open, you’ll be greeted by a short tutorial that explains its key features, and how you can use them. This will be updated every time new features are added, the BBC says.

What do you think to the new BBC Sports app for iPhone?

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