Apple’s next iPod touch could be coming in white

22 July, 2011 - Killian Bell
White iPod touch

Apple’s iPod touch has traditionally followed in the iPhone’s footsteps with a number of new features, including its front and rear-facing cameras, and its high-resolution Retina display. Next up for adoption could be a trendy white front panel.

The technical name for this piece is the ‘digitizer’, and according to the iFixYouri iPhone repair shop, white ones built for the iPod touch have been spotted at a number of Asian iPhone repair outlets. The panels are built to the same specifications as the current fourth-generation device, which could mean a number of things.

Either the fifth-generation device will boast the same specs as the current model, and will be available in white; or, these parts were built for the fourth-generation device and later scrapped. And with all the problems Apple endured building the white iPhone 4, we wouldn’t at all be surprised if it’s the latter.

Of course, there is a third answer to these parts: that they aren’t genuine Apple digitizers at all, but rather third-party knock-offs instead. Unofficial white iPhone 4 digitizers were available for some time before the device finally launched, so there’s no reason why they wouldn’t be built for the iPhone’s popular cousin.

Whether or not they’re genuine, however, these parts strengthen recent rumors that a fifth-generation iPod touch will be available in white with the same overall design as the current device. 9to5 Mac also notes that Steve Jobs himself has hinted other Apple devices will come in white:

“Additionally, in an interview, Apple’s Steve Jobs and Phil Schiller revealed that Apple’s work and engineering on the white iPhone 4 has positively affected the company on a broader scale. With the existence of a white iPhone and a white iPad, a white iPod touch should fit in quite nicely.”

Other possible improvements to the fifth-generation iPod touch, according to recent rumors, include the introduction of Apple’s dual-core A5 processor, a better rear-facing camera, and even 3G technology that will allow the device to be used much like the iPhone.

Having said that, other rumors have claimed that the device will be killed off completely, making way for a smaller, cheaper iPhone instead. However, we’re quite positive this won’t be the case considering its success for Apple. In its quarterly earnings conference call earlier this week, the Cupertino company revealed that its iPod touch accounts for over half of the 7.54 million iPod devices sold during the third quarter.

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