Apple’s Lightning adaptors – prices & details

13 September, 2012 - Paul Dixon
Lightning adaptors

Announced at yesterday’s media event, Apple’s new iPhone 5, iPod nano and iPod touch all feature the company’s new smaller Lightning dock connector, which means accessories with older 30-pin connectors won’t be compatible with them.

To get around this problem, Apple has released two Lightning to 30-pin Adaptors – an ultra-compact version that costs £25.00 ($29.00), and a version with a 2m cable that costs £30.00 ($39.00). Unfortunately, neither of the adaptors support video and iPod out, and the company warns that some 30-pin accessories aren’t supported.

In addition, Apple has released a £15.00 Lightning to Micro USB Adapter for charging and syncing devices via a Micro USB cable. This particular product is only available in Europe, where EC law dictates that phones must be chargeable via Micro USB.

Finally, a Lightning to USB Cable for charging and syncing the new devices with a Mac or PC is available for £15.00 ($19.00).

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