Apple signs final label up to iCloud & reveals logo

2 June, 2011 - Killian Bell
WWDC invite with iCloud logo

While most of the juicy details surrounding Apple’s new iCloud service will be a secret until its unveiling on Monday, here’s something to get you all excited: the new iCloud logo. One Apple fan has managed to snap a picture of workmen erecting an iCloud banner as Apple prepares San Francisco’s Moscone West for the start of WWDC on Monday.

In addition to the swanky new logo (pictured below), a CNET report confirmed today that Apple has now secured a deal with the last of the four major music labels, which it requires to make iCloud happen. Universal Music Group are now a member of the iCloud gang, and as a result, Apple has the rights to stream its music through the cloud to our iOS devices.

CNET’s sources also provided details on how revenue from iCloud would be split: the music labels will receive 58%, publishers will receive 12% and Apple will take its usual 30% cut. They also claim that iCloud’s “digital lockers” will only store music purchased from the iTunes store.

workmen erecting an iCloud banner

iCloud banner

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