Apple releases two new iPad mini TV adverts

12 November, 2012 - Paul Dixon
iPad mini books TV advert

Apple has posted a couple of new iPad mini TV adverts on its YouTube channel. The first advert, titled “Photos”, shows an iPad and an iPad mini being used to view images in iPhoto. Rather than showing the same photos on both devices, the two combine to complete one scene – for example, a snow capped mountain is shown on one, while a snowboarder is shown on the other.

The second advert, titled “Books”, features the iBooks app, which is again shown running on both an iPad and an iPad mini. If you pay close attention to the titles of the books on each screen, you will see they compliment each other – so for example, Moby Dick is displayed on one, while Gone Fishing is displayed on the other.

iPad mini TV advert – Photos

iPad mini TV advert – Books

Since its unveiling on the 23rd of October, Apple has now produced three TV adverts for the iPad mini. The first, titled “Piano”, featured an iPad and an iPad mini playing the song “Heart and Soul” as a duet in GarageBand.

All three adverts have the same simple but effective message – the 7.9-inch iPad mini is every bit as capable as the bigger 9.7-inch iPad, or to quote Apple directly: “It’s every inch an iPad.”

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