Apple releases Safari 6 for OS X Lion

25 July, 2012 - Paul Dixon
Safari 6 OS X Lion

Although you would be forgiven for thinking that today is all about OS X Mountain Lion, Apple has also released a Safari update for OS X Lion users. Available to download via Software Update, Safari 6 includes a number of new features, plus improvements to stability, compatibility, usability & security.

Release notes:

Safari 6 for OS X Lion contains new features, including:

  • Smart Search Field. Safari now has one field for typing both searches and web addresses.
  • Offline Reading List. Safari saves entire webpages in your Reading List so you can catch up on your reading even when you don’t have an Internet connection.
  • Do Not Track. Safari can send the websites you visit a request not to track you online.
  • Password pane. Manage your saved website logins with the new Password pane.
  • Baidu. The leading Chinese search engine Baidu is now a built-in option for Chinese users.

Safari 6 for OS X Lion also includes improvements to stability, compatibility, usability and security, including changes that:

  • Make the swipe to navigate gesture work with PDFs.
  • Restore the state of Reading List when Safari is launched.
  • Fix an issue that affected full screen video in webpages that have positioned content.
  • Restore the user’s previous cookies after Private Browsing without requiring a Safari relaunch.

And if you are planning on upgrading to Mountain Lion soon, you will find that Safari 6 comes bundled with the new OS by default.

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