Apple release 3 more iPhone 4S TV adverts

31 October, 2011 - Paul Dixon
iPhone 4S TV advert - Assistant

Hot on the heels of the first iPhone 4S TV advert, Apple have uploaded three more ads featuring their newest smartphone, to their YouTube channel. The latest adverts, which you can watch in this post, showcase Siri, iCloud, and the camera.

iPhone 4S TV Advert – Siri, Snow Today

Transcript of the advert:

“What’s my day look like?
Siri: Not bad… only two meetings today”

“Can I walk to the Belvedere Hotel from here?
Siri: Here are directions to Belvedere Hotel”

“Read me that text.
Siri: New message from Sarah Russel, see you soon”

“Do you think it will snow today?
Siri: It sure looks like snow today”

Say hello to Siri, on the most amazing iPhone yet

iPhone 4S TV Advert – iCloud

Transcript of the advert:

“This is the iPhone 4S, with iCloud. Now when you download a song on the go, it’s there when you get home. Make a change on the way to work, and it’s waiting when you get there. Bookmark a page on this, and it’s ready on that. Now the things you do on your phone, are everywhere you want them, automatically. iCloud, on the most amazing iPhone yet.”

iPhone 4S TV Advert – Camera

Transcript of the advert:

“The iPhone 4S has an all new camera, with 8 megapixels and advanced optics. So it lets you capture stunning photos. And because it’s an iPhone, you can do things no ordinary camera can do. So maybe the only camera you need is the one on the most amazing iPhone yet.”

Of the three new adverts, I think my favorite has to be the one featuring Siri – also the subject of the first iPhone 4S advert. It’s interesting to note that we hear more responses from Siri in this latest ad, and, unlike the first, it does get mentioned by name.

What do you think of these latest iPhone 4S ads?

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