Ten fantastic Apple inspired LEGO creations

7 July, 2012 - Paul Dixon
LEGO Apple Store

From actual-size models of some of their most iconic products, to impressively detailed recreations of their retail stores, there have been some fantastic Apple inspired LEGO creations over the years. In this post we’ve put together a collection of ten of the best. Enjoy!

In most cases, the links below each image will either take you to the creators’ personal website or Flickr Photostream, where you can view more photos of each model.

LEGO iPad by powerpig builds

LEGO Fifth Avenue Apple Store

LEGO Fifth Avenue Apple Store by Mr.Attacki

LEGO broken iPod by powerpig builds

LEGO 1984 TV advert

LEGO 1984 TV advert by WookieeByte

LEGO Happy Mac

LEGO Happy Mac by RyeMAC3

LEGO Mac Pro

LEGO Mac Pro by rpster88


LEGO iPad by jmenomeno


LEGO iMac by powerpig builds

LEGO Modular Apple Store

LEGO Modular Apple Store by gotoandbuild

LEGO iPhone by Nathan Sawaya

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