Review – Be.ez LA robe Air 11, sleeve for 11″ MacBook Air

13 March, 2011 - Paul Dixon
Be.ez LA robe Air 11

Not long after I got my 11″ Macbook Air I realised I would need something to protect it from scratches and dents when being carried around. Thinking the Apple Store would be a good place to look I was disappointed to see so few options.

I already knew I wanted some kind of sleeve that could be put inside another bag, but the only sleeves offered by Apple were ones made by Incase, and although they looked okay I was put off by both the poor reviews and the price of £29.95.

The next place I looked was who had a much better selection, and it was on there that I first spotted the Be.ez LA robe Air 11. Priced at around £22.99 and with positive reviews it seemed like a good choice. Though rather than ordering from amazon I opted for eBay as Be.ez have an official store on there, and the price was a little cheaper.

First impressions of the Be.ez LA robe Air 11 were that although it looked great, it felt a little harder than expected. But I soon realised that this was down to the shape-memory material (low-resilience polyurethane) which gives much better protection compared to softer neoprene sleeves. If you press your fingers into the surface of the Be.ez LA robe Air 11 it will briefly leave an impression before returning back to it’s original form.

The sleeve feels surprisingly light and although it felt a little tight when I first tried to put my Air inside, it’s probably just the right amount of resistance to hold it securely. The zip fastening means you won’t have to worry about the Air sliding out and the zip itself is a decent size so you won’t be fumbling to get hold of it.

My only very minor critiscism of the Be.ez LA robe Air 11 is that the outside does seem to attract dust, but it’s easy enough to wipe clean and certainly shouldn’t put anyone off buying one. Available in different colours including navy blue and yellow (pictured above) which is the one I went for, I’d definitely recommend the Be.ez LA robe Air 11 for all 11″ Macbook Air owners.

Visit Be.z’s website for more info.

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