Japanese company creates ‘bulletproof’ iPhone case

16 April, 2012 - Paul Dixon
bulletproof iPhone case

If there was an award ceremony for ridiculous iPhone cases I’m pretty this one, created by Japanese company Marudai, would take the top prize. Featuring a 1-inch thick armor plate steel back, its makers claim it can resist a direct hit from a 12.7mm 50 caliber bullet!

Although having a bulletproof iPhone might sound cool, there are some fairly obvious drawbacks to this case. The armour plating adds considerable bulk and weight – when fully constructed it measures 138mm × 81.8mm × 39.6mm, and weighs in at a hefty 2.1kg – so don’t expect to be able to slip it into your pocket.

bulletproof iPhone case

Even if you could put up with the bulkiness, there’s another problem with this design – while the back may be bullet-proof, the front aluminum bevel, and of course the screen, is not.

bulletproof iPhone case

If you want one for your iPhone expect to pay around £406 ($642). You can choose between black or white versions, and each comes with a commemorative 12.7mm dummy bullet!

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