Apple release two new iPhone 4S TV adverts

10 February, 2012 - Paul Dixon
new iPhone 4S TV advert

Apple have uploaded two new iPhone 4S TV adverts to its YouTube channel. The first, titled ‘Rock God’ shows an aspiring musician using Siri to buy a guitar, learn how to play it, invite friends over to watch his band perform, and ultimately become a ‘rock god’.

The second advert, titled ‘Road Trip’ features a couple traveling across the US in an old Volvo. They use Siri to find the best barbecue in Kansas City, locate the nearest Gas Station within walking distance, learn how big the Grand Canyon is, and discover what the constellation Orion looks like.

The two adverts are the first that the Cupertino company have released this year, the last one, which was broadcast towards the end of 2011, featured Santa Claus using Siri to deliver presents on Christmas Eve.

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