Apple updates iTunes to 10.6.1

29 March, 2012 - Paul Dixon
iTunes 10.6.1 update

iTunes version 10.6.1 is now available to download via Software Update. Weighing in at 64.9 MB, it brings with it a number of bug fixes, including one which led to the app becoming unresponsive whilst syncing with either the iPod nano or iPod shuffle.

Update Release Notes:

iTunes 10.6.1 provides a number of improvements, including:

  • Fixes several issues that may cause iTunes to unexpectedly quit while playing videos, changing artwork size in Grid view, and syncing photos to devices.
  • Addresses an issue where some iTunes interface elements are incorrectly described by VoiceOver and WindowEyes.
  • Fixes a problem where iTunes may become unresponsive while syncing iPod nano or iPod shuffle.
  • Resolves an ordering problem while browsing TV episodes in your iTunes library on Apple TV.

You can also download the latest version of iTunes from this page of Apple’s website.

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