15 of the best looking Apple inspired wallpapers

27 March, 2011 - Paul Dixon
Apple inspired wallpapers

When I first had the idea to create this post I thought it would be fairly straightforward. I was wrong. After about three hours of browsing hundreds of Apple inspired creations I had a not-so shortlist of about 50 wallpapers.

The final selection are what I consider to be 15 of the best Apple based wallpapers. I’ve tried to include a mixture of styles from ultra-minimal to grunge, and I’ve made sure that each one is available for at least 1920×1200 displays.

Links have been provided for downloading all of the wallpapers below, and although they all work at the time of writing this, I obviously can’t guarantee that this will always be the case. Enjoy!

Splashero 2 by kano89 (more colours available)

splashero aqua

idigdesign by reckless (variations available)

splashero aqua

Please note I’ve tried to credit the original artist of each wallpaper, if I’ve featured your wallpaper but haven’t credited it correctly please let me know and I’ll get it changed.

About the author

Paul Dixon is the owner of Macsessed. He lives in Lancashire in the UK where he works as a web designer. You can find him on and Twitter.