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If you just want to have a lightweight companion for pure audio entertainment on your jog, while out on your bike or perhaps as you commute to work, the iPod shuffle is an excellent choice. Starting at £40, it’s also very affordable.

You can get the iPod shuffle in one of five different colors, and it’s small enough to clip to pretty much anything and not weigh you down. Just clip it to your jacket, your shirt, your workout gear or anything else and start listening to your music.

Lacking in any kind of a visual display to indicate what is going on, the iPod Shuffle lets you know what is going on via your earphones. One rather clever feature is that all the artists names and such are read to you as you interact with the device. Change to another playlist and you will be told which one it is.

The iPod Shuffle is an extremely focused device, letting you only listen to your audio content and nothing more. Either get the music in a random order or play to a pre-arranged list. Audiobooks and podcasts are excellent pieces of audio to fill up the shuffle with. With its 2GB of storage, you have room for hundreds of songs and hours of other audio material.

Being what it is, the shuffle is not the ideal iPod for everyone. Since it has no display and no way to input new information, you will not get any apps or anything else beyond the music put into it. It also does not have a radio or any options beyond the two playback alternatives.

If you’re looking for something that offers more features, you might want to consider the iPod nano, which is only a little bigger in size, has a touch-screen, and offers more storage.

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